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The production process of disposable foam plastic tableware

People's Daily Online)  15:05, May 07, 2013  

The semi-finished products of disposable foam plastic tableware. (Xinhua/Ding Ting)

Edited and translated by Wang Lili, People's Daily Online.

According to the modification of New Industrial Structure Adjustment Directory, disposable foam plastic tableware was removed from the catalogue of obsolete product. The ban was lifted amid much controversy. As of May 1, the disposable foam plastic tableware will come out again.

A reporter visited a plastic products company in Shanghai Pudong New Area, May 4, 2013.

In the workshop, the reporter saw the workers first put a bag of polystyrene in equipment, and mixed with homemade leftover material. After a period of high temperature, melt extrusion strip material were produced. Through extrusion, foaming, high-temperature physical molding, disposable foam plastic tableware was finally produced.

Zhu Guorong, the director of this plastic products company, said the company strictly complies with requirements of the quality supervision department of Shanghai. They can trace the source of all production materials.

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(Editor:WangLili、Gao Yinan)


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