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Vessel to strengthen emergency rescue

By Shi Yingying in Shanghai  (China Daily)

10:31, April 17, 2013

China's largest patrol and rescue vessel Haixun 01 makes sail from a port in Shanghai, April 16, 2013. (Photo/Xinhua)

China's largest patrol and rescue ship Haixun 01 officially joined the Shanghai maritime authority on Tuesday morning, and authorities said it will strengthen the country's ability to perform emergency rescues and monitor ocean pollution.

"It will mainly cover inspection and rescue duties in the East China Sea but is also on call nationally for emergencies," said Zhai Jiugang, deputy director of the maritime safety administration.

Haixun 01 is equipped with a helipad to allow airborne searches and rescue missions. "The vessel, which can also be regarded as a helicopter carrier, makes it possible to expand the cruising range for search and rescue," Zhai said, adding that it's the country's fourth patrol ship with a helipad.

The 128.6-meter-long, 5,418-ton vessel, which has a maximum sailing distance of 18,520 km without refueling, is expected to be put into service shortly after Tuesday's ceremony.

Helicopter commander Zhang Yong said the aircraft that the maritime authority used for Tuesday's ceremony came from Guangdong province and stopped in Xiamen and Wenzhou for refueling on its way to Shanghai.

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