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Feature: Relatives eager to see beloved buried in Tibet landslide

By Zhang Yi and Cao Kai (Xinhua)

09:29, March 31, 2013

CHONGQING, March 31 (Xinhua) -- He Yuan, 19, who is still buried in the debris of a massive landslide in Tibet Autonomous Region, probably has no chance to marry his Mrs. Right.

He, a native of a poor mountainous village of Xishui County of southwest China's Guizhou Province, has planned to marry his girlfriend when he reaches 22, the legal age of marriage in China.

To get money to treat his sick father, He Yuan quit school at 16 years old and found a job in a shoe factory in the eastern booming city of Wenzhou where he met his darling.

He moved to work in a polymetal mine in Tibet half a month ago where he could earn 8,000 yuan (1,288 U.S. dollars) to 9,000 yuan monthly, hoping to earn more to support his family.

His dream was crushed in early Friday morning when rolling rocks totaling 2 million cubic meters in volume smashed his camp.

He Yuan and his brother-in-law Zhao Malin were among the 83 buried.

Zhao's brother, who also worked at the mine and went down the mountain to buy tents on Thursday, was shocked to find on Friday morning that the mine was distorted and the camp had totally gone, according to He Guoxiang, He Yuan's uncle.

Together with Yuan Song, He Yuan's another uncle, He Guoxiang will fly to Lhasa, capital of Tibet Autonomous Region, wishing to see their loved ones.

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