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Husband of strangled, cremated Tibetan woman seized


19:22, March 20, 2013

CHENGDU, March 20 (Xinhua) -- A man suspected of killing his wife and burning her body in southwest China's Sichuan Province has been detained by police, local authorities said Wednesday.

At night on March 11, Drolma Gya, 32, a Tibetan who lives in Dagcagoin Town, Zoige County of the Tibetan-Qiang Autonomous Prefecture of Aba, is alleged to have choked his 28-year-old wife, Kunchok Wangmo, to death after a fierce quarrel, according to the Public Security Department of Aba.

He is then alleged to have transferred his wife's body to the residential community where he lives, doused it in petrol and set it alight on the morning of March 12.

The police said further investigation is under way.

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