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Maritime authority to boost capabilities

By Wang Qian  (China Daily)

08:25, July 10, 2013

China's maritime authority is to boost its law enforcement capability with the allocation of some 16,300 marine police officers to safeguard maritime rights and interests, according to an official document published on Tuesday.

The plan authorizes the State Oceanic Administration to take on expanded responsibilities regarding marine law enforcement, while the newly formed China Maritime Police Bureau, which falls partly under the SOA's control, will be responsible for deploying and commanding police officers.

Approved by the State Council in June, the plan highlights the expanded duties of maritime law enforcement, improving the protection and utilization of oceanic resources and better safeguarding China's maritime rights.

The Maritime Police Command Center, a department under the SOA, will give orders to the maritime police bureau, draw up law enforcement regulations and organize daily training, but the bureau will also be under the "operational direction" of the Ministry of Public Security.

The maritime police bureau has three branches - the North Sea Branch, the East Sea Branch and the South Sea Branch - with 11 corps allocated throughout China's coastal provinces and regions.

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