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Students undeterred about attending summer camps abroad


09:03, July 10, 2013

The two young victims from the Asiana crash over the weekend were part of a group of Chinese students who were ready to attend a summer camp in the United States. Our reporter spoke to some parents and students in Beijing, who will be taking part in similar camps in overseas this summer. Many seem undeterred about going abroad, and organizers of the summer camps say the programs shouldn't be affected because of a single accident.

Another semester ends. Students from this foreign language school in northwest Beijing are going home. Many of them have been to or will be attending summer camps abroad.

Despite being a little shaken by Saturday's crash of an Asiana Airlines flight carrying a similar group, students say they will go on with their plans.

"I'm not worried about going to summer camp. But I may think about the crash every time I take a plane," said a student.

Others say they would rather choose other transport means. Parents also have their concerns.

"I won't stop my child from going to international exchanges or summer camps. But I will help my child improve the ability to tackle a crisis and emergency."

"I'm worried of course. I will focus more about safety by selecting air companies and organizers. I will also make sure my child knows about safety, he should know how to tighten a seat belt on a plane."

This private school organizes camps in China and abroad every year. The principal says there is no need to over-react and alter summer camp programs because of a single plane crash.

"I don't think the government should do anything to the summer camp. It's a plane crash. If we need to do anything, we need to check why the plane crashed to solve the technical problems, or the managing problems of the airline, rather than the problem of the summer camp organizer," said Principal Liu Yuyuan from Camford Royal School.

Summer camps inside China or abroad is really popular in China in recent years. I didn't get an official figure about how many students are participating in them every year, but the number is huge. Saturday's plane crash is prompting organizers and parents to reconsider how the camps should be conducted.

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