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People's Daily editorial stresses stronger ties with masses


08:23, July 01, 2013

BEIJING, June 30 (Xinhua) -- The Communist Party of China (CPC) and its members must always bear in mind that cutting themselves off from the masses is the biggest threat to the ruling party, according to the CPC flagship newspaper People's Daily.

The CPC is founded among the people and powered by the people, which means the Party shall never abandon its principle of "identifying itself with the masses of the people," says a People's Daily editorial to be published on Monday, the 92th founding anniversary of the CPC.

In June, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, stressed that the mass line, or furthering ties with the people is the lifeline of the Party and the fundamental route of work.

The upcoming education campaign, including cracking down on undesirable work styles, will bring a closer tie between the Party and the people, the editorial says.

Undesirable work styles, such as formalism, bureaucratism, hedonism and extravagance, are like an invisible wall that cuts off the Party from the people, depriving the CPC of people foundation, it says.

Faced with the challenges in the new era, all CPC members should carry forward the glorious tradition of arduously struggle and make exemplary conducts, it adds.

It also calls on more than 85 million Party members to be upright and corruption-free to serve the people.

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