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Bud blooming: childhood with acrobatics

People's Daily Online)  08:08, July 24, 2013  

Children in the acrobatic troupe do daily trainings. ( Hongyuan)

>> Country children's boxing dream

Edited and translated by Du Mingming, People's Daily Online

There is a group of children in an acrobatics arts company in Nanchong, southwest China's Sichuan Province. The youngest is six years old, and the oldest is 17 years old. In this hot summer, the most important thing for them every day is to do training. In the rehearsal hall, they wear the same costumes, shoulder by shoulder, squatting on the ground in a circle to form a bud shape. With the music and light, the youngest performer step on other performers' bodies, going upwards from the bud center - the whole scene shows a 3D effect of a "bud blooming".

Bud blooming is one of the quality shows performed by Nanchong acrobatics arts company. It is a kind of jujitsu, performed by six children with an average age of less than 12 years old. In addition, blooming bud has a deep meaning. At present, there are 33 children in the training center of Nanchong acrobatics arts company. As long as they keep on training, they can achieve their blooming season in the future.

Wang Yaping, 16, is from rural area in Shunqing District, Nanchong. Four years ago, she was sent to the acrobatics company to receive training by her parents. At the beginning, she had no acrobatics skills. Many children who came along with her had left because of the tough training. She could not stand the pain brought by high intensity trainings, and she had cried and thought about giving up. However, due to the "force" from her parents and encouragement from the teacher, she gradually gets used to the life.

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(Editor:DuMingming、Zhang Qian)


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