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Playing the classics through acrobatics

(People's Daily Online)

08:43, June 27, 2012

Dili Reba (R) is rehearsing with an actor. (Xinhua / Wang Fei)

Edited and translated by Xue Meng, People's Daily Online

As the curtain rises, a beautiful girl dances with silk ribbons. Sometimes she dangles upside down and sometimes she flies in the sky, impressing everyone who is watching. This is a scene in the acrobatics show “Hello, Afanti”, in which the role “Young Girl” is performed by an acrobat, Dili Reba, from Xinjiang.

In the show, Dili Reba needs to perform movements such as hanging on the ribbons, waving on ropes and wire walking. She said that it’s necessary for the performer not only to have skillful acrobatics basics but also to know how to dance, act and understand music well. It’s very difficult and can build up an acrobat’s comprehensive quality. Since 1992, Dili Reba has had 20 years of experiences in acrobatics training. In most of the trainings, many movements took ten hundreds, even thousands times of practice.

Hard work always repays. Dili Reba has won many awards in recent years. She has won the title of “China’s Top 10 Acrobatics Babies” in 2004, bronze medal and gold medal for preliminary contest of National Acrobatics Competition north-west zone in 2000 and 2004, excellent award for “Tianshan Art Award” in 2006 and so on.

At the end of June 2012, Dili Reba is coming to Beijing to perform at the 4th Minorities Art Festival. Apart from rehearsing and performing, Dili Reba is also studying on acrobatics directing. Her goal is to direct more classical plays and bring the Xinjiang acrobatics to the world stage.

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