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Students rush to get facelifts in summer

(People's Daily Online)

08:07, July 11, 2013

(file photo/Men Jiedan)

As graduation season approaches, another batch of graduates will finish their courses and step into the working places.

Recently, information about summer deals of orthopedic hospital started to spread. Some hospitals pointed out that as the employment pressure continue to pile up during recent years, more graduates and students will choose to have plastic surgeries during summer or winter vacation in order to have more chance with descent jobs. However, parents and experts would suggest students not to take such surgeries too early.

Students like to take plastic surgery in summer vacation

There are more than 20 million pieces of information online targeted at student customers. According to the staff at an orthopedic hospital, students who come to get surgeries can be categorized into two groups: students who have just finished Gaokao (National College Entrance Exam) and students who have just graduated. As they are about to merge in new environment, they would like to make a better impression on people they are about to meet at work or during further studies.

Among the surgeries, micro plastic surgeries are the first choice for graduates, such as double-fold eyelid, nose job, dispelling whelk, using liposuction to lose weight, laser hair removal and other projects.

80 percent of the people who get plastic surgeries are female.

Parents show supports

When talking about plastic surgeries, most people will think it is “risky”. Most of the parents would say no to their children. However, it turns out parents’ attitude will change as the time changes.
Experts' advice

As the number of students who decide to take plastic surgery is increasing, some experts worry that receiving plastic surgeries at a relatively young age would lead to the transformation of the surgical spots. Therefore, they would suggest young people who are below 18 years old not to take orthopedic operation.

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