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Beckhams' star power shines

By Gan Tian (China Daily)

08:24, July 04, 2013

David Beckham makes an appearance in a H&M outlet in Beijing to promote his Bodywear collection. (China Daily)

The famous husband and wife team formed a formidable double act as they toured China to talk soccer, flog fashion and promote their personal brand. Gan Tian reports.

Celebrity couple David and Victoria Beckham have completed a whirlwind tour of China to cash in on the country's fashion industry.

David Beckham, who became Chinese soccer's global ambassador in March, was in Beijing on June 24 to donate several items to the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation for a charity auction raising money to promote young football players.

When the superstar visited Tongji University in Shanghai on June 22 there was a stampede that left at least seven people injured.

On Tuesday, he appeared in an outlet of fashion brand H&M, promoting one of his collections. In deference to the Chinese predilection for red, the underwear in his upcoming David Beckham Bodywear autumn/winter collection will include the color, he says.

TV advertisements for the Beckham-H&M line show the athletic, semi-naked body of the former England captain. It attracted more than 100,000 hits not long after being uploaded to China's video website

Fashionable thermal underwear, or "long johns", designed for Chinese people, are also planned, Beckham says.

On June 24, Victoria Beckham was at the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, speaking with Vogue China's editorial director Angelica Cheung about her designs and her career as a fashion designer.

She also visited Lane Crawford, which distributes clothes carrying the Victoria Beckham label, and met customers and dignitaries. The former Spice Girl says she will open a boutique in Beijing.

"Reaching my Chinese customers is incredible. I am currently working on e-commerce, which means you can buy clothes online from China. This market is very important because women here understand what I do as a designer," Victoria Beckham says.

Shi Zhiqiang, fashion director with Time Out Beijing, says: "The Beckhams know how to use their star power to get attention from the fashion industry. Chinese consumers, most of whom are fans of the couple, will spend money on their products and become hardcore fans of their brands."

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