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Fascinating display of Shanxi crafts at Culture Industries Fair


08:42, July 03, 2013

In Shanxi province, a myriad of arts and crafts are currently on display in the city of Taiyuan. (Photo/Xinhua)

In Shanxi province, a myriad of arts and crafts are currently on display in the city of Taiyuan. The First Shanxi Cultural Industries Fair is welcoming guests from around the world to witness the splendours of the province.

A traditional drum-show offers a warm welcome to visitors here. One major attraction is wood carving. These craftsmen use red sandalwood, one of the rarest types of wood in the world. Wood carving has a history dating back thousands of years in China, and the furniture is of great collectible value too. Another interesting type of craft is carvings made from tree root.

Root Carving Master, said, "A lot of root carving is determined by the shape of the tree root. The artist works with the shape of the root to produce carvings. So the fewer strokes the better because it shows the artist is taking advantage of the natural shape."

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