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A Tibetan herdsman's museum


15:58, June 20, 2013

For a herdsman in Tibet, his dream has long been to build the region’s first private museum, something he has been pursuing for 30 years.(CNTV)

The Chinese dream is a hot topic at the moment. For a herdsman in Tibet, his dream has long been to build the region’s first private museum, something he has been pursuing for 30 years.

46 year-old Qunjue lives in this old house with his wife and 3 children. Most of the rooms are filled with his treasures: 30 year’s worth of them.

Qunjue’s collection is diverse, ranging from ancient weapons and farming tools to religious items and furniture.

He said, "I visited a lot of herdsmen and collected all the items, hoping that one day I could put them on display here. That’s my dream! "

But his dream has not been easy to come to fruition.

Qunjue dropped out of school after finishing primary school. He went to work in Lhasa at the age of 17 working in a number of different jobs. One day he found that traditional Tibetan furniture was highly sought-after in Lhasa so he began collecting from herdsmen.

However, as he did, he grew to love the items himself and his collection expanded. And he didn’t want to sell them because he thought they were treasures for all the Tibetan people.

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