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Duanwu's cultural message

(China Daily)

09:38, June 04, 2013


What does Dragon Boat Festival mean?

That may be of little concern to those who spend this traditional festival in their own particular way.

But it will concern those who have taken part in online discussions about the cultural connotation of the festival, known as duanwu.

Strange as it may seem, globalization has diluted the cultural flavor of traditional festivals in the increasingly globalized world.

It is only natural that the way people look at traditional festivals will change with time. Nevertheless, a festival will still stand testimony to the messages it conveys.

That explains why the State Council designated this festival as a national holiday and let people have enough time to enjoy it and, if possible, to reflect on its cultural meaning.

Some say that all that remains of the festival's many traditions is eating pyramid-shaped dumplings with glutinous rice and fillings like dates and meat wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves. But most people would associate the festival with historical figures such as Qu Yuan (340-278 BC) and Wu Zixu, who died about 484 BC.

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