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DreamWorks to make bestseller Tibet Code into film

By Zhang Rui (

09:23, April 22, 2013

(file photo)

DreamWorks Animation will partner with China Film Group Corp to make the bestselling Chinese epic "Tibet Code" into a movie, Jeffrey Katzenberg announced Friday during the 3rd Beijing International Film Festival.

Katzenberg, the chief executive of DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc.signedan agreement with Han Sanping, the chairman of China Film Group Corp; Li Ruigang, the CEO of Oriental DreamWorks; Wang Guowei, National Film Capital's president to make a movie series of the Tibet Code.

According to Han and Katzenberg, the film will be shot in China and use Chinese actors. The series will become an oriental Indiana Jones-type of adventure movies.

"Tibet Code has all the makings of a world-class, quality, blockbuster franchise. I feel it will become China's Indiana Jones," Katzenberg said at the press conference.

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