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Chinese language popular in Nepal


13:31, April 18, 2013

The Chinese language is gaining more and more popularity in Nepal. Take a look around the South Asian country and you will find the Chinese language almost everywhere.

Chinese characters can be easily seen on shop signs in Nepal’s capital Kathmandu. Being able to speak Chinese makes one quite attractive on the job market here.

A Nepalese girl with a Chinese name, Wang Zhiqi, doesn’t get to speak Chinese often when she’s at work. But when she does, it’s fluent Chinese. Wang Zhiqi never took a formal lesson in Chinese. She picked up the language while working for a hotel in China.

Wang Zhiqi said, "I took down what the customers said in my notebook, and I asked them later what they meant."

Chinese tourists have become the second largest group of tourists in Nepal. About 20 thousand Chinese tourists visited Nepal during the first three months this year. With all the Chinese people there, the need to learn the language is strong.

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