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Beijing gets new colors

(China Daily)

11:11, April 07, 2013

The ABS graffiti crew put on the final touches on a new piece covering a wall at the southern gate of the 798 Art Zone in northeastern Beijing on March 21. (China Daily/ Wei Xiaohao)

They are young, energetic and creative, and even a bit wild. Sharing the same passion, the group of Beijing-based graffiti artists created a team known as ABS, which stands for active, brilliant and significant.

The four young men - Ye Shu, 29, Chen Chuang, 27, Xu Yan, 25, and Wang Weixuan, 26 - opened a shop selling graffiti-related products in the capital last year, which was the first of its kind in China.

"We love the art of graffiti and formed our team in 2008. Our initial goal was simple: to show this creative art form to people and have fun," said Ye, who has been a graffiti artist for nine years.

Ye said that their objectives were upgraded after they developed a deeper understanding of their art.

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