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Robots dance it up at metal exhibition

By Chen Yingqi (China Daily)

08:26, March 29, 2013

Robots clad in Peking Opera costumes display their technical ability at an exhibition in Chongqing on Thursday. China Daily/Zhou Hui)

The KUKA robots might be experts on assembly lines, but they are pretty good on the dance floor, too.

At the 13th China Metal and Metallurgy Exhibition, which opened on Thursday in Chongqing and lasts until Saturday, two KUKA robots dressed up and danced to the music of Peking opera.

The three-day exhibition attracted 972 enterprises from 25 countries and regions to display their iron and steel products, raw metals, processing equipment and technology.

The world's top robot producers, such as KUKA from Germany and FANUC from Japan, brought new products to the exhibition.

The KUKA robots were bought by Chaint Robotics Co in Beijing, which made a dance program for the robots.

Qi Jun, marketing executive of Chaint Robotics, told China Daily that robots are useful in replacing humans in adverse working conditions like casting plants.

Despite a growing market, most companies are still importing robots from abroad, Qi said.

For example, the robots dancing to Peking opera music are made by KUKA in Germany.

"In Germany there is a manufacturing chain for robot production, but if we want to produce robots here we have to buy new motors and components and parts from abroad," Qi said.

But she also said Chinese companies are cooperating with universities and research institutions to develop robot production technologies.

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