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Wedding dreamers! An ideal expo to go [Video]


13:20, March 19, 2013

Wedding dreamers are flocking to the National Convention Center in Beijing! The expo there presents a dazzling array of wedding services, ranging from attire to catering to honeymoon tourism.(CNTV)

>>>Everything ready but Prince Charming

Wedding dreamers are flocking to the National Convention Center in Beijing! The expo there presents a dazzling array of wedding services, ranging from attire to catering to honeymoon tourism.

People come by the thousands, and mostly in pairs. Many of them eager to enter a new stage in life, and this wedding expo is poised to help them to do just that.

Now a wedding can be pretty stressful business, the preparations, the banquet and not to mention all the emotional pressure. If you are looking to get at least some of the work done for you, then you’ve come to the right place. This wedding expo offers all the necessary services and of the highest quality too. It promises a wedding done in style and minimum fuss.

Jewelry is up front and center at the expo. Even for those who want to mostly plan their own weddings, they are still drawn to the mind boggling choices here.

Xu Rongrong, Visitor,s said, "We plan to get married this year. We can take care of most of the wedding ourselves. But we think we can still pick up some jewelry and a wedding dress, and there is a wide variety of choices at affordable prices.

There’s something for everyone in the wedding dress section. Some Chinese prefer a more traditional wedding, while others opt for a more western style. Either way, people are willing to spend a lot on weddings in China, due to the rise of the middle class and financial support from parents. Many are short on time, not money.

Gao Chuang, Visitor, said, "We plan to get married in May. But our schedule is very tight because of our jobs. So we’re looking for a lot of things like hotel services, car rentals, jewelry and photography services. "
And the companies are rolling out cleverly crafted works. Take this beautifully decorated wedding cake for example.

Wu Qi, De Luxi Pastries, said, "This is a swan shaped cake. The flowers down here are all real. The neck here is made of shredded coconut stuffing, and all the flowers here down to the last petal are edible. This is really a luxurious wedding cake."

The 3-day expo expands well beyond Beijing with major exhibitions also in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Wuhan.

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