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Charlie Young's directorial debut on sexual assault subject

(CRI Online)

11:28, March 15, 2013

(PD Online/ Zhang Mo)

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Hong Kong actress Charlie Young has made sexual assault the subject of her directorial debut film.

With the film "Christmas Rose", Young tells the story of a young woman in a wheelchair who strives to bring her assaulter to justice.

Young has invited award-winning stars to act for her. Actress Kwai Lun-mei plays the young woman. Chang Chen plays the woman's doctor and alleged assaulter, who insists he is innocent. Aaron Kwok plays the woman's lawyer and Xia Yu portrays the defense lawyer.

The film is slated for release in May.

As an actress, Charlie Young has starred in "New Police Story" with Jackie Chan, and "Bangkok Dangerous" with Nicolas Cage.

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