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Calm reflections upon 'Oscar standard'

(People's Daily Online)

08:15, March 05, 2013

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As one of the four most important film awards in the world film circle, the Oscar receives wide attention because of its successful excavation of and encouragement for the creation and development of excellent films, its huge influence on film-making trends, and further, its backup force including temple-class academic institutions such as the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (USA).

It is a general consensus in the film industry that to get Oscar recognition is the most prominent mark whether a film has comprehensive competitive power. Over long time, Chinese filmmakers have paid every effort to make achievements in wining international film awards such as Oscar. How can Chinese films come up with really excellent works and find a good balance the film's commercial value and artistic value, between the rules of international awards and the expectations of domestic audience, and between the compliance with awards recognition and the insistence on creation standards? It is an important issue worth studying.

In recent years, the study of the rules of international awards has become a separate industry. The "Oscar standards", for example, the films makers frequently consume China topics and Oriental elements and indifferently choose ancient costumes, royal courts, and martial arts as film themes just to attract the attention of award evaluators in Europe and the United States. In order to realize the commercial value of the film and achieve market indicators, grand narratives and luxury production become essential elements; continuous breakthroughs are made toward sophisticated film technologies; the film's visual style constantly challenges the "college-level" pioneering concept. In the meantime, more than sufficient money is spent on advertising and market development, and a growing number of Chinese films invite international stars to play roles. The international market appeal of the star is probably a more important consideration rather than the needs of the film itself.

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