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Beijing Red Cross plan to open accounts to donors unfeasible

By Xie Wenting (Global Times)

13:19, January 17, 2013

The Red Cross in Beijing has said it will open up its books to donors to increase transparency, but a China Red Cross official believes it is not feasible.

Following a meeting Tuesday, Beijing branch of the Red Cross Society of China will consent to supervision in its accounts from donors and their auditors, as well as local government and higher level Red Cross bodies, the Beijing Times reported Wednesday.

Yang Xusheng, official from Red Cross Society of China, said he does not think this is a practical solution.

"There's a large number of donors, maybe tens of thousands or millions of people. If we receive all the audit demands from them, it will cost time and money," said Yang.

"We already have a supervision committee from the society, which serves as a third party. Auditing and supervision in the Red Cross is reliable and accountable," he said.

The organization's image in China has suffered in recent years after a series of scandals, which has led to a drop in both trust and donations.

According to a press release Wednesday, the Red Cross plans to position itself as a world class charitable organization.

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