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Shanghai Tower, tallest skyscraper in China, still under construction  07:54, April 12, 2013  

Photo taken on April 11, 2013 shows the Shanghai Tower (R) under construction in east China's Shanghai Municipality. The height of the Shanghai Tower, which is still under construction, reached 501.3 meters Thursday, surpassing the neighbouring Jinmao Tower and the World Financial Center. The designed height of the Shanghai Tower will be 632 meters, the tallest skyscraper in China. (Xinhua/Pei Xin)

The Shanghai Tower, which is under construction in the city's Pudong district, has reached 501.3 meters with the completion of its 108th floor, the building's contractor said on April 11.

Poised to become China's tallest skyscraper, the tower will be 632 meters in height when completed in December 2014, and will be the world's second-tallest building after the Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai.

Hang Yingwei, president of Shanghai Construction Group Co Ltd, said the tower will break many world records.

"This is the first time a tower weighing 850,000 tons is built on a soft soil foundation," he said in the news conference. "A total of 270 wind-driven generators will be installed on the 570m-high 124th floor, which will be the world's highest wind generators."

Hang said the company had to overcome many technical difficulties during the construction and that the biggest challenge will be pumping concrete to the aerial construction zone as the height increases.

Ge Qing, general engineer of the tower, said that there will be an outdoor sightseeing space on the 121st floor.

"We'll also have 21 hanging gardens to help alleviate the psychological discomfort that visitors may feel in the super tall building," Ge said.

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