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Speculation over policies for non-local talents in Lingang

By Richard Fu (Shanghai Daily)

08:54, February 28, 2013

Shanghai may unveil today preferential policies for non-local talents seeking permanent residency in Lingang New City in a bid to boost the development of the city.

Lingang, about 64 kilometers southeast of Shanghai's downtown, is a satellite harbor city in the Pudong New Area designed to be a major base for industries such as heavy equipment and logistics as well as a place to live in.

As the city government and Pudong government will hold separate news briefings on preferential policies for Lingang today, speculation heated yesterday on the Internet that a permanent residency policy may be among the new measures.

Zhang Hongwei, a research director at Shanghai real estate consulting firm Tospur, speculated on his Twitter-like Sina Weibo that non-locals who have held a residency card for at least five years could apply for a permanent residency permit if they buy a property in Lingang.

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