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Top 10 most transparent multinational companies


08:49, January 21, 2013

Allianz []

Transparency Index: 6.6

Country: Germany

Industry: Financials

Market value: US$52.74 billion

Reporting on anti-corruption programs: 88%

Organizational transparency: 100%

Country-by-country reporting: 8.5%

Transparency International, a global organization leading the fight against corruption, has ranked the world's 105 largest multinational companies in their transparency in corporate reporting index.

Norway’s oil company Statoil tops the list, followed by Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton.

The study analyzes the transparency of corporate reporting on a range of anticorruption measures among publicly listed companies, worth more than US$11 trillion in total.

Three dimensions of transparency have been explored:

• Public reporting on anti-corruption programs: Covering bribery, facilitation payments, whistleblower protection and political contributions

• Organizational transparency: Including information about corporate holdings

• Country-by-country reporting: Whether companies disclose financial data on a country-by-country basis

The following are the top 10 most transparent multinational companies.

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