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HK stocks end 0.64 pct higher


09:41, January 15, 2013

HONG KONG, Jan. 14 (Xinhua) -- Hong Kong stocks rose 0.64 percent on Monday. The benchmark Hang Seng index closed up 149.19 points to end at 23,413.26 points, after trading between 23,292.07 and 23,441.94. Turnover totaled 77.53 billion HK dollars (about 10. 00 billion U.S. dollars).

The Hang Seng China Enterprises Index rose 161.16 points, or 1. 36 percent, to close at 12,003.75.

Two sub-indices gained ground, with the Finance sub-indice rising by 1.25 percent and the Properties 0.88 percent. The Commerce and Industry fell 0.13 percent, while the Utility lost 0. 03 percent.

Banking giant HSBC, which accounts for the largest weighting of the Hang Seng Index, rose 1.0 percent to 84.65 HK dollars, while its local unit Hang Seng Bank ended 0.3 percent lower at 119.00 HK dollars. Bank of East Asia, another Hong Kong's major bank, closed 0.2 percent lower to 30.90 HK dollars. Local bourse operator HKEX jumped 2.0 percent to 146.90 HK dollars.

Local developers Hang Lung Properties decreased 0.2 percent to 30.80 HK dollars. Henderson Land, another major developer in Hong Kong, lost 0.2 percent to 57.85 HK dollars, and Cheung Kong Holding, a powerful HK-based developer controlled by billionaire Li Ka-shing, closed up 1.2 percent to 127.40 HK dollars.

As for mainland-based financial stocks, China Construction Bank, the country's second largest bank which accounts for the third largest weighting of the Hang Seng Index, moved up 0.9 percent at 6.52 HK dollars. ICBC, the world's largest bank by market value, climbed 0.9 percent at 5.81 HK dollars. Bank of China advanced 1.4 at 3.70 HK dollars. Bank of Communications, China's fifth biggest lender measured by assets, increased 2.5 percent to 6.25 HK dollars.

As for energy stocks, China's top refiner Sinopec declined 0.1 percent to 9.20 HK dollars. PetroChina, the country's largest oil and gas producer, closed 1.1 percent higher at 11.00 HK dollars. ( 1 U.S. dollar equals 7.751 HK dollars)

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