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Indonesia calls for ending of violence in Egypt


16:12, July 29, 2013

JAKARTA, July 29 (Xinhua)-- Indonesia called on all parties in Egypt to end violence, restrain themselves and use peaceful and constitutional means in seeking solution to the ongoing political impasse in that country, Indonesian Foreign Affairs Minister Marty Natalegawa said here Monday. "There is no place for the using of violence to solve the problem,"the minister said in his official statement, adding that all parties in Egypt should put forward a spirit of compromise and pay respect to people's rights.

Unless a wise solution that puts forward compromises and reconciliation, situation in Egypt will be worsening, he said. "Indonesia pushes international community, including the United Nations (UN), to support and push for the conduction of constitutional reconciliation that fit to what the nation and people's want in Egypt,"Marty said.

After monitoring the ongoing political crisis development in Egypt, Indonesian government last week issued a travel advisory for its citizens planning to travel in Egypt. For Indonesians already stayed in Egypt, they were told to stay away from protesting mass crowds and avert from involving in Egyptian home affairs. "Indonesian Embassy in Egypt has been told to continue monitoring the developing situation, taking anticipating steps that include preparation to face worst case scenario in Egypt and ensure protection for each Indonesian citizen in that country," the minister said.

Indonesians staying in Egypt were told to maintain communication with the embassy to ease protection efforts provided by the embassy, he added.

In the recent clashes between supporters of the ousted president Mohammad Moorsy and the apparatus, hundreds of people were reportedly killed.

Political crisis in Egypt occurred early this month when President Moorsy, who won democratic election last year, was toppled down by the military. An interim president was appointed to replace Moorsy who was put in detention later on.

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