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Pilot blamed for Delta Cargo aircraft crash in Ghana


08:34, July 11, 2013

ACCRA, July 10 (Xinhua) -- The pilot and crew of Delta Cargo aircraft that overshot the airport runway in Ghana in 2012 are to blame for the crash, investigators said in the final report on Wednesday.

The report identified faulty landing of the aircraft as reasons for the crash.

Chairman of the committee that investigated the disaster, Alec Grant Sam, said the pilot had floated the aircraft too high before landing.

The committee believed that "the pilot floated the aircraft at 6,000 feet instead of the required 1,000 feet before landing," said Sam, a retired captain of Ghana Airways.

"In the end, he landed at a portion of the runway with only 4, 000 feet left for him to run before stopping the aircraft instead of the normal 11,000 feet, hence the overshoot," he added.

He agreed with suggestions that "it was definitely a human error by the pilot and the crew members."

Delta Airlines' cargo aircraft Boeing 737-700, flight 1170, overshot the runway at the Kotoka International Airport on June 2, 2012, killing 10 passengers on a commercial vehicle.

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