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Airbus, Boeing compete for mega deals at Paris Air Show


13:07, June 20, 2013

PARIS, June 19 (Xinhua) -- Two world aviation industry giants, Airbus and Boeing, are engaged in fierce commercial battles for winning bigger orders for their long-haul airplanes as the 2013 International Paris Air Show enters the third day.

As the leading European aircraft manufacturer, Airbus on Wednesday announced that Air France-KLM has ordered 25 Airbus A350 planes at list prices of 7.2 billion U.S. dollars with an option for 25 additional aircraft.

A350 is a new model, fuel-efficient airplane of Airbus. Most importantly, it's a key jet that the European plane maker expects to use to compete with 787 and 777, Boeing's next-generation jets which are also fuel-saving, in the world's long-haul, wide-body airplane market.

Both the new planes of Airbus and Boeing are made of lighter composite materials that help reduce fuel consumption and pollution.

SriLankan Airlines also promised Airbus an order of six long-haul A330 and four A350 aircraft at list prices of 2.6 billion dollars.

Meanwhile, the giant American airplane firm Boeing won orders for more than 200 airplanes from its 737 family on Wednesday, following Tuesday's mega order commitments for 102 airplanes from five customers across Europe, Asia and North America.

The biggest customer came from Ireland, Europe's biggest low-cost airline Ryanair. The Irish carrier firmed up an order for 175 Boeing 737-800 aircraft with a catalogue prices of 15.6 billion dollars. The company was working on placing an order for at least 200 fuel-saving 737 MAX airplane within this year, with the value estimated at 20 billion dollars.

Another customer of Boeing is the Czech Travel Service, which made an order for three 737 MAX at a cost of 301.5 million dollars. As a new generation of 737, the cost-saving 737 MAX is expected to come into service in 2017.

Opening for three days, deals worth more than 100 billion dollars have been made at the world's oldest and biggest air show, which will draw its curtain on Sunday.

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