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Pakistani diplomat assaulted in Indian capital


20:29, June 04, 2013

NEW DELHI, June 4 (Xinhua) -- A Pakistani diplomat and his driver have been allegedly assaulted by two people in an apparent incident of road rage in the Indian capital late Monday evening, police said Tuesday.

Police said that they have arrested the two accused who allegedly roughed up the Pakistani diplomat after his car hit their motorcycle.

"A woman and her nephew were charged with offenses such as rash and negligent driving, and endangering life or personal safety of others," a police official said.

The arrest came after the Pakistan High Commission lodged a strong protest with the Indian External Affairs Ministry, demanding a probe into the alleged assault on its First Secretary (Trade) Zargam Raza and his driver, and more security for its diplomats in this country.

"A protest has been lodged with the Indian government with a call to investigate the matter thoroughly and to bring the perpetrators to book. A complaint has been lodged with local police," Pakistan High Commission spokesman Manzoor Ali Memon told media in the national capital.

Though the spokesman said the victims "sustained serious injuries", the police have claimed that the diplomat and his driver "suffered minor bruises" only.

Meanwhile, the Indian External Affairs Ministry has termed it as a "minor accident".

"Police responded promptly to calls for assistance and escorted the diplomats to safety from the crowd of onlookers who had gathered at the site of incident. The police extended the Pakistan High Commission officials due courtesies...and offered medical assistance," an official spokesperson said.

Road rages are common in the Indian capital, which often turn out to be fatal.

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