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S. African president calls for investment in his country


14:53, June 04, 2013

TOKYO, June 4 (Xinhua) -- Visiting South African President Jacob Zuma called for more global investment in his country here on Tuesday, adding Africa is "one of the important investment destinations" in the world.

Zuma made the remarks at a press conference in Tokyo and said his country has launched a number of national projects to enhance its economic, social and regional infrastructure construction to attract more investment.

South Africa is "a growing economy and it is an open economy," said the president, "the infrastructure is in good shape." He added that South Africa's micro-economy and economic foundations are "sound."

Zuma emphasized that his country and the African continent have to closely connect with the world economically.

He said South Africa plays an ever-growing role not only in Africa, but also among the countries of the developing world through its membership of the BRICS that presents an important effect in the world economy and affairs.

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