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Both candidates claim victory in Montenegrin presidential election


08:28, April 08, 2013

PODGORICA, April 7 (Xinhua) -- Both candidates for the Montenegrin presidency declared themselves winner in Sunday's election, reported Radio Television Montenegro (RTCG).

According to incumbent President Filip Vujanovic, unofficial results indicated he got 51.3 percent of votes, while 48.7 percent went to his challenger Miodrag Lekic.

However, Lekic claimed he won 50.5 percent of votes.

"On the basis of 97 percent of the votes counted, I can announce that the citizens of Montenegro have given me their support as president of Montenegro," said Lekic.

Official results in this neck to neck contest are expected from the Montenegrin electoral committee.

Vujanovic campaigned for a continuation of current policies, with the goal of European Union integration, while Lekic called for change and fight against corruption.

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