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Volcano erupts in North Sulawesi, Indonesia


16:25, April 03, 2013

JAKARTA, April 3 (Xinhua) -- Mount Lokon in Indonesia's central North Sulawesi province erupted Wednesday, spewing ash to the sky and volcanic materials around the slope, an official said.

The volcano in Tomohon city erupted at 12:28 local time (0428 GMT), said Surono, head of national volcanology agency.

The agency has issued a 2.5-kilometer evacuation zone, according to Surono. "Volcanic materials were spread and fell around the slope, but the height of the ash could not be assessed as it is covered by cloud,"he told Xinhua by phone.

But the agency did not recommend evacuation after the eruption, said Surono.

The archipelago country Indonesia is homed by 129 active volcanoes.

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