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Russia pledges support on ASEAN Centrality in regional architecture


19:55, March 20, 2013

JAKARTA, March 20 (Xinhua)-- The newly-appointed Russian Federation ambassador to ASEAN Mikhail Galuzin pledged Russia's strong support towards ASEAN Centrality in regional architecture, conveying that Russia attaches great importance to the multifaceted cooperation with ASEAN and regards ASEAN as the locomotive for economic integration in the region and beyond, a statement of ASEAN Secretariat said here Wednesday.

The Russian ambassador's statements were conveyed in a ceremony to handover Letter of Credence upon his appointment as the ambassador to ASEAN on Tuesday. It was received by ASEAN Secretary General Le Luong Minh at the ASEAN Secretariat.

With his accreditation as the Russian ambassador to ASEAN, Galuzin said that he is committed to advancing ASEAN-Russia Dialogue Partnership.

Russia has pursued cooperative relationship with ASEAN through the implementation of the Comprehensive Plan of Action (CPA) to Promote Cooperation between ASEAN and Russia in 2005-2015.

Galuzin said Russia will explore further cooperation with ASEAN in energy, infrastructure development, agriculture, food security, science and technology, transnational crime combat, counter- terrorism and disaster management sectors.

Ambassador Galuzin also briefed SG Minh on Russia's efforts in forging economic integration with its neighbor countries in the Eurasian region by forming customs and economic union, which, he said, will bring profound economic impacts in the region.

Le Luong Minh in his response remarks said that ASEAN and Russia have been maintaining well their political and security relations.

Minh added that ASEAN respects Russia as an important partner. While striving to achieve the ASEAN Community building by 2015, ASEAN appreciates the role played by Russia in maintaining peace and stability in the region.

He said that Russia has now joined the ASEAN-led regional forum of East Asia Group, in which ASEAN highly appreciates Russia's contribution in the forum.

Minh expressed hope that the planned 3rd ASEAN-Russia Summit slated for October this year would give a momentum to further enhance the long standing ASEAN-Russia cooperation. He said he would look forward to working with ambassador Galuzin in enhancing ASEAN-Russia partnership.

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