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World's oldest living woman celebrates 115th birthday


19:49, March 05, 2013

OSAKA, March 5 (Xinhua) -- The world's oldest woman celebrated Tuesday her 115th birthday in the western Japanese city of Osaka, local press reported.

Misao Okawa, who was born to a clothing merchant in 1898 and now lives in central Osaka, received a bouquet of flowers from care staff at the dining room of a nursing home, and enjoyed her birthday cake with the staff and friends at lunchtime on Tuesday, according to the daily Asahi Shimbun.

Replying to a congratulatory message sent with a gift by the mayor of Osaka, she told reporters that she was deeply obliged to the mayor's special arrangements which were delivered to "such an aged person like her."

The report said Okawa married in 1919 and has three children, four grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

Prior to her birthday, Guinness World Records officially recognized last week Okawa as the oldest living woman of the world.

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