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Top five diving spots

(Shanghai Daily)

09:09, June 09, 2013

Shore diving or recreational diving is an exciting way to experience the beauty of the ocean and see all kinds of marine life. The world's famous shore diving destinations are mainly found in the tropical regions, which have abundant sunshine all year around. This produces a magical world of marine life and beautiful coral reefs. So get your diving gear, and let's explore both some unique and stunning blue worlds.

Palau islands

Hailed as the "world's most beautiful tropical paradise, and one of world's best scuba diving destinations," the Palau islands in the western Pacific offer the whitest beaches, unspoiled reefs, and beneath the clearest waters, caves, and an amazing array of marine life. Consisting of 340 islands, the Palau islands are regarded as one of the seven underwater wonders in the world by many oceanographers, divers and underwater photographers. This beautiful archipelago enjoys a pleasantly warm climate all year round.

Cancun Island

Located in the southeast of Mexico, Cancun is a world-renowned tourist destination offering unbeatable views. Among other wonders, the Mexican island is home to the world's second largest barrier reef, with a huge abundance of colorful marine life amid crystal-clear, turquoise waters. Cozumel Island that lies 90 kilometers south of Cancun is also an ideal scuba diving destination. So, don't let the excitement stop on the white, sandy shore. Instead, take next step to see what you can find under the water.

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