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Urbanites connect with poor children

(Shanghai Daily)

11:25, June 08, 2013

A documentary film about young Shanghai professionals teaching poor children in southwest China's Yunnan Province is now online.

The 20-minute film follows 10 volunteers for 10 days as they teach English, dancing, cooking and creative classes to pupils in impoverished Jianshui County.

The annual volunteer teaching program was started by the Oriental Morning Post in 2006, connecting urban people with children in remote rural areas.

At shabby village schools, the volunteer teachers presented creative, enriching lessons, discussed environmental protection and the traditions of international festivals.

The film also shows how young city people, strangers to each other at first, become good friends.

Gao Chao, one of the volunteers, gave English lessons and gave each child the English name of a flower. "They were so happy and excited," he said. "We played interesting games. I felt fulfilled when they smiled. It was a rewarding experience that I will cherish."

One viewer, Mark Huang, said the film conveys the message that many urbanites feel stressed and at a loss and that helping others is a way to help themselves feel better about life.

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