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Bubble-blowing and paper plane duo allowed back to school

(Shanghai Daily)

16:45, June 04, 2013

A school in Yunnan Province has been told to readmit two students expelled for blowing bubbles and throwing a paper plane on campus.

The education bureau of Luliang County ordered Luliang No. 1 Middle School to take back the students after complaints that the punishment was too harsh.

The authority also ordered the school to submit a written statement on the incident, Xinhua News Agency reported today.

The drama began when a senior grade 1 student blew bubbles in the corridor of a teaching building early on Saturday evening, as senior grade 3 students were studying for the upcoming national college entrance exams.

Although students protested and teachers repeatedly told the student to stop, the culprit continued his soap bubble show.

Then a senior three grade student started throwing a paper plane, attracting more ire.

It required almost 20 teachers took 30 minutes to calm down enraged students.

As the two students ignored school regulations and severely disrupted teaching, they were expelled, the school announced on Saturday night.

But after the story went viral on the Internet, many netizens said this was too harsh, claiming the school was constraining student freedom.

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