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Annual Added Value of China's Hi-tech Industry Tops 200b Yuan

The Ministry of Science and Technology Wednesday released the results of the Scientific Development Supervision showing that the volume of annual added value of the nation's hi-tech industry exceeded 200 billion yuan in 2000, reaching 204.8 billion yuan.


Added Value of Hi-tech Industry Surged

According to the statistics of the Supervision, the added value of China's hi-tech industry in 2000 increased by 28.8 percent over 1999. Its proportion in the added value of the manufacturing industry also rose by one percentage point.

In the situation of the slackening of the global economic development, the export figures of Chinese hi-tech products maintained a favorable growth. The volume of exports of hi-tech products reached US$37.04 billion in 2000.

Investment in Sci-tech Research Increased

Result of the supervision shows that the investment in China's sci-tech research has been increased by a big margin. The total expenditure of the sci-tech research and experiments of the nation hit 89.6 billion yuan in 2000, up 17.9 percent over that of the previous year.

Investment in sci-tech by the government and enterprises augmented, too.In the year 2000, the state poured 57.56 billion yuan in sci-tech development, up 4.8 percent over the same period of the previous year. The expenditure of large and medium enterprises in the field reached 84.84 billion yuan, nearly 50 percent up.

Sci-tech Innovation Showed Strong Vitality

In addition, the innovation of Chinese scientific technology showed strong vitality. The number of three kinds of patents namely inventions, practical new products and appearance design having been approved witnessed a big margin of increase.

The volume of the value of technological contracts in the technological market showed an outstanding growth. Scientific technology played a remarkable role in promoting the economic and social development in China.

Problems Worth Our Attentions

Shi Dinghuan, secretary-general of the Ministry of Science and Technology, also pointed out that some problems found during the supervision are worth our attention. Shi stressed that the present sci-tech development of China mainly depends on the mighty promotion by the developed eastern coastal regions. The absolute gap between some central and western regions and developed regions, even the average level of the nation, is possibly to be widened.

China to Increase Sci-tech Investment
China increased investment in basic research, new and edge subjects, intersection science to encourage innovation, in the latter period of the 10th Five-year Plan (2001-2005), China aided an annual 4,500 sci-tech projects, to a cost of 300,000 yuan for each, one fold increase over 2000. (In Detail)

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