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Here you may customize your search by selecting method and sort
  • Method -- This can be one of and, or, or boolean. It determines what type of search will be performed. For example, if you want both words "paper" and "cutting",you may use and;if you want either word, you may use or; if you want only "paper" but not "cutting", you may use boolean and type "paper not cutting" in the search box.
  • Sort -- This can be one of score, time, date, title, revscore, revtime, revdate, or revtitle. It determines what type of sort will be performed on the search results. The types time and date are synonymous, as are revtime and revdate, as all four sort on the time that the documents were last modified, if this information is given by the server. The sort methods that begin with rev simply reverse the order of the sort.

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