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Monday, March 25, 2002, updated at 12:59(GMT+8)

High-tech Development
56 New Academicians to CAS
Annual Added Value of China's Hi-tech Industry Tops 200b Yuan

The Ministry of Science and Technology Wednesday released the results of the Scientific Development Supervision showing that the volume of annual added value of the nation's hi-tech industry exceeded 200 billion yuan in 2000, reaching 204.8 billion yuan.

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Annual Added Value of China's Hi-tech Industry Tops 200b Yuan
The Ministry of Science and Technology Wednesday released the results of the Scientific Development Supervision showing that the volume of annual added value of the nation's hi-tech industry exceeded 200 billion yuan in 2000, reaching 204.8 billion yuan.

China to Launch First Space Telescope
March 10 saw the US space shuttle Columbia succeeded in sending a reinvigorated Hubble Space Telescope on its way after almost a week of being docked together as teams of astronauts conducted five spacewalks in five days to renovate and repair the 12-year-old telescope.

More Foreign Investment in High-Tech in North China
Hebei Province in north China has successfully attracted foreign investment in its high-tech development in a wide range of areas.

China Enhanced International Competitiveness on Science and Technology
In the first 11 months of 2001, the number of patent application in China has reached 185,000, including 57,000 applied for inventions, with a big increase over 2000. And in 2001, China has remained ranking at the world 8th in number of scientific and technological theses published in the world. According to experts, the data indicate that China has accelerated scientific and technological progress and enhanced the competitiveness.

Tibetan Software Tool Successfully Developed
The Northwest College of Nationalities has successfully developed a Tibetan software tool and a software universally used for Tibetan, Chinese and English languages and these, as authenticated by experts from departments concerned, have been claimed to be the first of their kind, at world top level.

China Develops High-performance Storage Disk
A Chinese researcher has recently developed a computer disk with a storage capacity equal to 800 floppy disks.

The disk, named Only Disc, is said to have a storage speed up to 300 times faster than an ordinary floppy disk and may be erasedup to one million times.

Market-tailored Guideline Unveiled to Boost High-tech
The State's highest economic-planning and science authorities yesterday unveiled a new market-tailored national high-tech development guideline to channel resources and investment into certain sectors.

China Designates Major Industries for High-Tech Development
The State Development Planning Commission (SDPC) and the Ministry of Science and Technology on Tuesday jointly announced 141 fields which will be given priority for development.

Fewer but Better: 56 New Academicians to CAS
The result of the election of the first group of new academicians to the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in the 21st century was published on December 9. Ye Zhaohui and 55 other scientists emerged from among the 337 full candidates, they have been elected to become academicians to the CAS, three of them aged below 40.

Beijing Mayor Welcomes Foreign High-Tech Investment
Beijing Mayor Liu Qi met Monday with David Farr, chief executive officer of the Emerson Electric Co. of the United States.

Shanghai Invites Venture Capital to High-Tech
China's largest metropolis Shanghai hopes to make a good use of venture capital in its high-tech sector, say sources with the International Symposium on Venture Capital and the Industrialization of High-Tech Research held Monday in Shanghai.

Overseas Investors Eye High-tech Industries in West China
China's strategy to develop its vast western region is attracting more far-sighted overseas business people.

18 Traditional Industries to Be Renovated with Hi-tech Technologies
China will launch a series of hi-tech reconstruction of 18 traditional industries, including metallurgy, machinery, oil and petrochemical, power, coal, light and textile industries and suchlike, during the Tenth five-year-plan period (2001-2005), according to Chinese senior official.

Ten Years to See Sales Value of Zhongguancun High-tech Products Hit 200 Billion Yuan
Zhongguancun will see its high-tech products sales value hit 200 billion-yuan within ten years. The high-tech park will be built into "Beijing's demonstration window for the city's commercial development" by drawing experiences from American Silicon Valley, Taiwan Hsinchu and Japan Tsukuba high tech parks.

Hi-Tech Industry Most Vigorous, a Strategic Task for China: Officials
The high-tech industry has taken the place of the traditional industry as China's most vigorous sector, a senior official said Thursday in Beijing.

China High-Tech Fair Reaches New Heights
China's largest high-tech gathering, the third session of the China High-Tech Fair (CHTF), yielded a 22 per cent increase in the value of contracts and agreements, according to its organizers.

More Overseas Chinese Start Hi-tech Businesses at Home
The ongoing Third China International High-tech Fair has compelled more overseas Chinese to start their own high-tech businesses in China.

College Students Encouraged to Contribute to High-Tech Development
Chinese college students are encouraged to help the country's high-tech development by taking an active part in promoting the sector, a senior science official said.

Int'l Forum on High-tech, Capital Market Opens
Nearly 1,000 people from academic, financial and business circles from home and abroad gathered in Wuhan Saturday to discuss the development of high-tech industries in the 21st century.

Scientific Elite Gather in Changchun for 2001 CAST Academic Meeting
September 13 saw Changchun, capital of northeast China's Jilin Province herald the annual academic meeting of China Association for Science and Technology (CAST). More than 4,000 scientific workers are invited to the meeting for an exchange of views on knowledge renewal and high-tech development.

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