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Sensual sands pull the masses to Mingsha Mountain Crescent Springs (2)

CRI Online)  10:43, July 26, 2013  

A line of people climb up one of Mingsha Mountain's dunes. ( Wang)

>> Sunset scenery at scenic spot of Crescent Lake in Dunhuang

Sophia Dongfang enjoyed her camel trek, although she felt a bit uncomfortable seeing the camels strung together by their noses. "It's pretty fun to ride a camel in the desert," she admitted, "but it is cruel to the camels. People and animals should be friends."

For those uninterested in hopping on a grumpy camel, there's plenty of other ways to keep entertained. Hiking up the many dunes keeps most people more than occupied, and the views they offer provide both hobbyists and professional shutterbugs with photo ops galore. "That sunset was really beautiful," said Mr Ni from Nanjing, gazing out at the pink glowing sky. "I took some pictures, but they won't be able to capture how amazing it actually was."

Whizzing down the dunes on sleds is also popular. However, those with more extravagant tastes can opt for renting a dune buggy, sailing skywards on a paraglider, or taking in views from a mini-plane.

One man from Australia remained unimpressed. "This has to be the biggest rip-off in China," he grumbled. "It is overrun with sandboarders, gliders, camel riders and RVs."

Touristy and crowded it may be in places, but the manifold ways of exploring the starkly empty hills, mountains and plains beyond spell escape in perfect clarity.

Entrance fee: 120 yuan

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(Editor:DuMingming、Ye Xin)


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