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'First Spring in Sand' in Gansu  10:00, October 22, 2012

( / Chen Xiangzhao)

Located in Dunhuang City, the Mingsha Mountain and Yueya Spring Scenic Spot has been one of the eight most famous scenic spots in Dunhuang since the Han Dynasty (202 BC–220 AD). The Yueya Spring, also known as the Crescent Moon Spring, is surrounded by the Mingsha Mountains. It stretches for 100m from South to North, and 25m from East to West. The Yueya Spring has been a scenic wonder for a long time and is reputed to be the "First Spring in Sand". Mingsha Mountain, also known as the "Echoing-Sand Mountain" got its name from the sound-making sands surrounding it. Additionally, it features plenty of leisurely activities, including sand surfing, camel riding and visits to the sand spa.

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