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World Cultural Heritage: Mt. Qingcheng and Dujiangyan (6)


16:01, July 09, 2013

Mt. Qingcheng (CNTV)

In terms of completeness, the Dujiangyan is well-preserved since it was built more than 2,250 years ago and still works today. The three main parts of the Fish Mouth Type Dividing Dike, Bottle-Neck Channel and Feishayan Spillway, as well as some sub-projects, namely the Baizhang Dike and Renzi Dike, still exist today. As the development of science and technology and the expansion of the irrigated area and channels were rebuilt and reinforced with the technology of laying cobble stones with concrete, some water conservancy facilities were added since 1936. The layout of the engineering and water management strategy did not change.

Dujiangyan is still playing increasingly important role. As of 1998, the irrigated area of Dujiangyan reached 68,700 hectares. Meanwhile, it provides living and industrial water for more than 50 large and medium sized cities and more than 100 industrial and mining enterprises in Sichuan Province. It has become the best water resources utilization model in the world. Mount Qingcheng is a famous Taoist mountain in China, its Taoist architectural complex, various statues, sculptures, cultural relics and inscriptions are all well-preserved. The forest coverage rate reaches over 95 percent and the vegetation coverage rate reaches over 98 percent within the protection zones. The ancient and famous trees are also well-preserved and can be found everywhere. The natural landscape of Mt. Qingcheng is very splendid.

Therefore, Mt. Qingcheng and the Dujiangyan have unique and deep cultural heritage value and are in line with the requirements of world heritage in terms of the authenticity and completeness, and worthy of being called world cultural heritage.

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