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Kendo and its Chinese followers (7)

People's Daily Online)  08:30, June 28, 2013  

A senior fellow guides new learners to learn combating skills. (Photo/Xinhua)

Edited and translated by Wang Xin, People's Daily Online.

Like golf, bowling, and rugby, Kendo is a recent arrival to China. Its unique glamour attracts more Chinese, and it could be on its way to become a booming business in Chinese cities.

Kendo was brought to Japan from China in the Sui and Tang Dynasties, according to the record of a Chinese history book. It was well developed in Japan.

"Most people know Kendo from movie, and think Kendo is the fighting between two people wearing protective armors and holding bamboo swords. But in fact Kendo has courtesy, pace, skills, and more about mentality. And it's a mentally and physically challenging sport," said a specialist who works for a Kendo club in Chongqing, SW China. "More and more people have joined us in every year. Kendo lovers spend at least two days in a week to practice skills and exchange experiences at Kendo club."

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(Editor:WangXin、Gao Yinan)


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