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Children in rural areas: Fewer toys, more joy (5)

People's Daily Online)  12:55, May 30, 2013  

Children in rural areas: Fewer toys, more joy (5)

Ye Enru, 6, is a very quite child. She stays at home with father who broke his leg and lost job a few days ago. Ye’s mother working in the city is the only breadwinner in the family. Her request for a toy car was again refused by her father because of lack of money. (Photo 1/ CFP)

Ye Jiaqi, 9, presents her drawing on the lid of a cake box. She loves drawing and is loath to discard it. (Photo 2 / CFP)

Wu Huizi, 10, loves the doll so much that she is unwilling to part with it. The doll was mailed to her by her mother who works in Wenzhou, thousands miles away from home. (Photo 3 / CFP)

Ye Ziyan, 5, enjoys the swing made by her grandfather. (Photo 4 / CFP)

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