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Raising the bar in China's auto industry (3)

By Zhuan Ti  (China Daily)

14:22, April 19, 2013

Notably, locally-produced vehicles are sent to Germany every year to conduct a series of comparison testing.

The results of this testing prove that the Mercedes-Benz cars produced by BBAC are at the same quality level as other Daimler plants worldwide.

As throughout every division of Daimler, personnel training and international know-how transfer is the foundation for consistent high standards. Each year, BBAC employees are sent to Daimler's German training centers, and Daimler employees are continuously present at BBAC to extend further guidance and support for on-the-job training.

Greener cars through green production

Producing cars in-line with Daimler's value of sustainable mobility, the BBAC plant itself embodies the latest in "green production".

"The plant was built from scratch as a green-field project," explained Deiss. "With breakthroughs in operational designs and huge investments, we've developed one of the most advanced auto manufacturing facilities in China that sets a benchmark for sustainability efforts within the industry."

Back in 2005, when its facilities were being set up, BBAC invested in "isolation layers" beneath its shop floors to maintain a gap that protects the ground below from being polluted. This ecological measure demonstrated BBAC's commitment to become the industry pioneer in "green production".

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