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Mo Yan: Nobel Prize is like a mirror reflecting attitudes (2)

By Ye Xin  (People's Daily Online)

14:42, April 03, 2013

Tie Ning(Front, L6), chairwoman of the Chinese Writers Association and Australian Ambassador to China Frances Adamson(Front, R7) pose for a photo with writers from China and Australia at the opening ceremony of the 2nd China-Australia Literary Forum titled on "Literature & Inclusiveness" kicking off in Beijing on April 2, 2013. (People's Daily Online / Yu Kai)

When asked about his sudden publicity, Mo Yan expressed his helplessness. He said he has tried his best to refuse all kinds of invitations, but finally he has to receive one tenth of these invitations for all kinds of reasons.

These invitations put a lot of pressure on him, said Mo.

He emphasized, "I still consider myself an ordinary citizen who writes. And presenting quality works is my duty and best way of giving back to society."

"I only hope to return to my writing desk as soon as possible, and I would also like to do good in society anonymously," Mo said.

The driving force behind Chinese literature is not the Nobel Prize because it has achieved much in the past three decades, he said.

When talking about what is good literature and writers' creations, Mo said that writers' creations should not be driven by awards, or criticism, or readers' expectations. Meanwhile, he believes good literary pieces are always centered on people and human emotions.

The 2nd China-Australia Literary Forum will last two days from April 2 to April 3. More than 16 writers from China and Australia will participated in talks on "Traditional & Modernity", "The Nobel Prize for Literature & Its Significance", "The Local & the Universe", "Cultural Inclusiveness" and "Literary Forms & Reading".

Tie Ning, chairwoman of the Chinese Writers Association, and Australian Ambassador to China Frances Adamson attended the opening ceremony of the forum.

Tie Ning hopes the mutual exchange will help people see the changing country and its various literary expression; she wishes such exchange can help further promote Chinese writers to global readers.

Ambassador Frances Adamson agreed. "It's a milestone of literary exchanges between the two countries, who are longtime friends." (Ye Xin)

Read the Chinese version: 莫言对话库切:诺奖如镜子 照出世态人情

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