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Commentary: Xi's visit starts new era of China-Africa relations (2)


09:17, March 31, 2013

Out of the sincerity, China insists that African countries should have the final say on their own affairs. Beijing keeps this basis of its policy on Africa unchanged, regardless of its own rapid development and increased clout on the international arena.

Foreign Policy in Focus, a U.S. research group, has noticed China's respect toward Africa, saying Beijing's economic investment without any political strings attached is gaining popularity in Africa.

China has sincerely helped Africa in its efforts for development. Beijing's involvement in Africa's infrastructure ranges from building schools, hospitals, highways, power stations and ports to drilling water wells.

Meanwhile, China has provided Africa with various technologies spanning from rice planting to resources exploration and extraction, from green energy to 3G know-how, and from technology transfer to personnel training.

With this sincerity, the content and scope of China-Africa cooperation are expanding and keeping in line with the times.

China has not only provided Africa with traditional aid, but also launched mutually-beneficial cooperation in the fields of economy, trade and technology, helping the continent fully tap its potential in development.

With China and Africa both yearning for development, the "Chinese Dream" of national rejuvenation is intimately tied up with the "African Dream" of self-reliance and development.

It was widely expected that after Xi's historical visit to the continent, the new-type strategic partnership between China and Africa will continue to expand, bilateral all-round cooperation will gear up, and their relations will enter a new era.

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