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South Africa's growth can benefit from partnership with China: experts (2)

By Ndumiso Mlilo (Xinhua)

08:49, November 16, 2012

Prof. Garth Shelton from the department of international relations at the University of the Witwatersrand believed South Africa should fully realize the benefits of its partnership with China.

The professor said, "We are not as competitive as we should be. South Africa should learn from China how they create 12 million jobs per year. They should learn from China how they manage to reduce poverty."

"There is a potential of growth in the relations between the two countries," said the professor.

Shelton suggested that South Africa should use her membership of various international organizations for the economic growth, encouraging for more engagement and some joint ventures with the Chinese.

South Africa is a member of BRICS, Southern African Development Community, African Union and G20.

The professor believed there is a long-term partnership between the two countries.

He noted the economic meltdown experienced in the West will not be experienced in China. "In the next 20 years about 350 million in China would migrate to towns to work towards economic growth," he added.

He said the Chinese people are hard working people and the economy would continue to grow, thus making the strategic partnership with South Africa viable.

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